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    Came here after finding them from a quick google search. They offered the services I was looking for and It's convenient to my office. Win win. (I like to break up my work day with something "good" for me!)

    My first treatment was the Hydrafacial MD. Normally I shy away from facials because, quite frankly, I hate them. But I was having some bad breakouts and I've heard great things about this machine. WOWWWWW. My skin was GLOWING literally right after the treatment. It was amazing. The woman Arakysa (I believe that was her name) that did my treatment was knowledgable and walked me through every step.

    They offer Zerona here and I wanted to get it done again. I had it done 2 years ago and lost 6 inches in 6 sessions so I was excited to see my results. When I stopped by (remember-- close to my office) to make the appointment, Melinda told me about a new machine Coolsculpting. HOLY CROW. I had Coolsculpting done instead and the results are even more amazing. It's like the Zerona is a Kia and Coolsculpting is a Mercedes. No comparison. Coolsculpting is better for targeting specific areas unlike Zerona.

    Anyway, I'm starting to ramble as always. I love this place. Everyone I've come in contact with is super friendly and great. It's relaxing. I always feel like they know what they are doing. It's great. Plus, who wouldn't love a place that offers you a glass of wine when you walk in?!
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Just Melt
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