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    Take it from a legitimate HCG client who a year ago found Just Melt through researching the HCG program that this is a reputable diet and a great establishment to do it.  First off, the specials they run put the pricing at the lowest in the city - trust me, I shopped around:  a nurse doing it on her own was charging double what Just Melt charges.  I did not meet with a doctor through my program but I felt I was in great hands anyway with the staff who did deal with me.  You don't need a doctor except to check your stats, which they did before I arrived. And, they are thorough: they hadn't received my blood work and would not let me start until I was cleared.  The whole team is encouraging, extremely knowledgeable about the diet, and you get a lot for your money: the shots, the diet itself, and bi-weekly consults for the whole duration of the diet.  I lost 22 pounds a year ago, and kept it off.   Also, this diet taught me how to eat without sugar in my diet and a year later, it changed my life as I am now sugar-free completely. I ran my first half marathon in June and am all around much healthier. I just signed up for another round with Just Melt because I really love how the diet was easy, and extremely cleansing.  The team at Just Melt, including Araksya remembered me and were excited to work with me again. As am I.  I don't disagree with some of the comments online about the pricing being different or there being confusion in the lobby, but you should re-evaluate what you are going there for: if you want nice, knowledgeable people who can help you transform the way you approach food and exercise, then Just Melt team is there to help.
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Just Melt
At JustMelt®, a technologically advanced medspa in the heart of Manhattan, both men and women will find the perfect blend of aesthetics and science for their body, skincare and weight loss needs.
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