• Danny S. posted on  Yelp
    Very nice experience I have learned how to take better care of my body, and with few pounds lighter I am very happy.....thank you
  • Stacy L. posted on  Yelp
    I have been in the spa few times and still looking forward to go back, I have left them some of my extra weight lol
  • Mark D. posted on  Yelp
    I was never confident I will lose my belly fat, 30 days later 12 pounds is gone.......to bad the summer is over
  • Lisa B. posted on  Yelp
    I am extremely pleased with the people that helped me out, my face looks much better and my confidence is back
  • Kurt D. posted on  Yelp
    bad bad bad, so bad that I can't wait to go back, defenetly a five star
  • Keyla D. posted on  Yelp
    Very good environment, I am willing to go back and try to lose more weight...................why not I ll be back there tomorrow
  • Jenn V. posted on  Yelp
    The stars talk for them self, very happy
  • Analisa M. posted on  Yelp
    As good as it gets, now if I can lose another 10 pounds it would be reall great
  • Terry L. posted on  Yelp
    I went here for my Zerona treatment, at first I wasn't so sure but it does work, I only have to go back one more time
  • Mary D. posted on  Yelp
    Went there this summer and I got five stars results ....thank you thank you thank you
  • Lorena B. posted on  Yelp
    I have been looking for a place where people will listen... and they did, than i listen and lost 11 pounds
  • Angela T. posted on  Yelp
    Does any one know how I can give them 10 stars ? My face looks great
  • Kate M. posted on  Yelp
    happy ! happy ! happy ! five stars is the list I can do
  • Kim G. posted on  Yelp
    I am glad to see finally great results 18 pounds are gone I can't be any happier
  • George S. posted on  Yelp
    This is for you
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Just Melt
At JustMelt®, a technologically advanced medspa in the heart of Manhattan, both men and women will find the perfect blend of aesthetics and science for their body, skincare and weight loss needs.
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