• Marcia Magalhaes posted on  Google
  • Irma Rivera posted on  Google
    Michelle was very pleasant and informative. She did an awesome job with my tan before leaving to Miami.
  • Magda Golaszewski posted on  Google
  • Teresa Kaczmarczyk posted on  Google
    This was an excellent Swidish masssge The place is upscale and beatiful, the massage was great and the staff knowledgeable and friendly I have purchase 5 masssge series at a very good price I would highly rocommend this place to anybody lookjng for a quality masssge!
  • Edith Sternbauer posted on  Google
    Nice service and good Lipomassage treatment.
  • Wenjie Song posted on  Google
    One of the best deep tissue massages I’ve ever had. Very clean medspa and friendly staff.
    Response: Thank You for the positive review. Pleasure having you in the spa
  • Charlotte P. posted on  Yelp
    This is an Oasis of Cool Sculpting in the urban jungle !!! I went to twelve different Medical spas in the city and finally made up my mind on Just Melt Medical spa ! The level of professionalism exceeded even my expectations and trust me I am a Dr I can judge the knowledge! All I can say I was blown away- had Cool Sculpting done pretty much all 360 already seeing results post 8 weeks and looking forward for my final results to kick in !
    I highly recommend Just Melt !
    And I must say Roxy Rocks - Besides being elegant and stylish she really knows what she is talking about - if you listen to her you will get the best results ! Good luck and I hope my research will help you to save your time and legwork !
    Best Dr. C
    Response: This medical spa and weight loss center deservs more than 5 stars. Starting from the professionalism of the Staff just blow me away. I have my own business and I wish my staff was like them!! The greeting, consultation and scheduling appointment and actually following up of stunningly beatiful and caring Roxy just will make you understand that you are in good and trustful hands of a person who try understands the core of business. I have never met such a knowledgable person in my entire life and it's pretty hard for me say this since being a doctor myself I meet a lot of great minds in my sphere. The Consultation with her was such an amazing experience that I don't even feel bad having cellulite, lose skin and aged face since she convinced me that Just Melt not only will help with all of the issues with latest technology on the market but also will make sure I will gain my self esteem back again!!! And that's the most important aspect if our lives despite the fact on how old you are!!!Please just give them a chance to show you what they can really do and you will thank yourself and wi never regret that walked into this magical place where they really make person't dream come true! Cannot thank you enough my dear Roxy -Thank you -Thank you -Thank you ;)
  • Buyanaa N. posted on  Yelp
    I went Just Melt SPA , I had a great experience. I had cool sculpting my double chin done. In the beginning I didn't really notice any drastic transformation but overtime I began seeing the results. I feel very satisfied and it was virtually effortless. The staff was great! Every body so friendly! Thank you
  • Jennifer W. posted on  Yelp
    I was recommend by a friend to do the cool sculpting . I could not have been happier with the results . This staff was very friendly and made my experience extremely  pleasant . I should have done this procedure years ago .
  • Wenjie Song posted on  Google
    One of the best deep tissue massages I’ve ever had. Very clean medspa and friendly staff.
    Response: Thank You for the positive review. Pleasure having you in the spa
  • Kristen M. posted on  Yelp
    I found this place on Groupon and got the massage deal. The massage was the best! I've been having shoulder tightness recently. At the end of the massage she let me know it's also my neck and lower back, which is very helpful to know! She gave me suggestions to improve the tightness. I'll be back here in a month without the Groupon! Best massage!
  • Amy C. posted on  Yelp
    When I bought my Groupon for Just Melt, I did not have very high expectations.  I saw photos online, thought it looked nice and I really needed a massage because I had been on several flights and my shoulders were feeling severely cramped. So, I made an appt, which was rescheduled twice, though luckily my schedule was open enough to accommodate. At first, I was worried this was going to be another throw away massage where the therapist does the bare minimum and you don't feel much difference from going in.  Also, my appt seemed to have been thrown around for whatever reason so I was not ecstatic going in.  However, my expectations were all exceeded once I stepped into the office.  The atmosphere was very professional and clean. The attendants (who I think are all massage therapists) were all very welcoming and I felt very comfortable off the bat.  After filling out a short form, my therapist then showed me to my room.  Everything was very clean and the lighting was at just the right amount of dimness to help you feel relaxed.  I get a handful of massages a year and I can honestly say this was probably the best one.  Buyanna was my masseuse and she was amazing!! She was able to work through all my knots in my shoulders and neck with great finesse and strength (which is a hard combo to come by). After the massage, she walked me through what may be causing the knots and what I can do to stretch it everyday.  I walked out feeling a million times better and immediately booked another appointment.  

    The only reason I am giving this place 4 stars is because of the scheduling conflict in the beginning, which they did make up for by honoring me with the same price as my Groupon for another visit.  Aside from that it was a great experience and I'm looking forward to my next massage!
  • Edith Sternbauer posted on  Google
    Nice service and good Lipomassage treatment.
  • Melissa C. posted on  Yelp
    located this place on groupon for my fiance' but he was unable to keep appt b4 it expired so i decided to go. this place is very relaxing, i live a very stressful life & it was good for me.  her technique was different i didnt quite understand when she was finished & explained what i needed to do because of her heavy accent but she was great .. i do recommend the place and i plan to return
  • Britt G. posted on  Yelp
    I did have a little trouble booking my appointment since I could only do late nights or early mornings before work but the scheduling staff was really sweet and tried to accommodate me. I was not able to use the Groupon I purchased for a 5 weeks after I purchased it, but it was worth the wait. Lui was a great masseur, and the location was very pretty and clean.
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