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    I went to Just Melt for a coolsculpting treatment for the stubborn fat areas on the back if my thighs. I met with Melinda for my consulation. She was very professional, nice and knowledgeable about the coolsculpting treatment and patiently answered all of my questions. Melinda looked at my areas of conern and described to me the procedure and the amount of time it would take to see results.  

    2 weeks later I went in for the treatment with Melinda. She set me up in a nice room that had relaxing music and wifi. During the set up process, Melinda was very detailed and precise in setting up the coolsculpting machine. She also made sure that I was very comfortable before the procedure began. During the treatment, Melinda checked on me periodically to see how I was doing. I found the experience to be very easy, calming and relaxing and felt recharged when I left.

    It is 6 weeks later and I have lost an inch on my thighs so far. I have scheduled an appointment for a coolsculpting treatment on my inner thighs and a series of venus freeze treatments (for cellulite) on my outer thighs with Melinda.  I look forward to seeing the final results.

    Overall the coolsculpting experience was very positive with no downtime.   The atmosphere at Just Melt is very professional and spa like with a great team working there. I would  recommend coolsculpting  to anyone looking to get rid of stubborn areas of fat and Just Melt for the professional spa like treatment they provide.
  • Paul G. posted on  Yelp
    Recommendations are a blessing. Just melt was recommended  by my brother and it was one of the best decisions I've  made by taking the plunge. What a nice place!!! AMAZING!!!! Inspirational quotes on the walls and the music is relaxing. The place is beautiful.  Their staff has exceptional  professional qualities but yet they are welcoming  and fun. I've  had botox and 3 sessions  of venus freeze. I am  very, very pleased  to say that my results are jaw dropping.  My recommendation to you is my honest review. Everyone  can't  be pleased  but I'm recommending you try. It's  just one of those things you've  got to share with anyone, who want to seek a place but is skeptical .  Thank you JUST MELT!!!!
  • Diana L. posted on  Yelp
    I've been coming to this place ever since last year. I've tried all their different treatments and am happy with the results. To start with, I lost 10lbs with the HCG treatment. This is HUGE. I've been heavy for the past quarter century! Now I'm on a personal journey to get fit and lose another 10lbs.
    Another one of my favorite treatments is the Hydrofacial. My face looks more youthful, clear and radiant. I've gotten complements from my family and friends. My husband makes fun of me by saying that my cheeks are as soft as a baby's bottom.
    Yesterday, I tried the Coolsculpt treatment on my abdomen. I'm excited to see the improvement in the coming weeks. Who doesn't want that belly fat gone?
    Most of all I enjoy visiting this place from the get go. I especially love being attended to by Melinda. She's wonderful and very professional! I've even signed up my husband for body massages. Well there you have it. I'm a fan of this place and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their body.
  • Thomas La vecchia posted on  Google
    Went to Just Melt for a consult as they have the latest technology as it relates to aesthetic procedures. Met directly with Dr Jackie is truly a pro. They now offer Botox and fillers as well. I am a big fan recommend JM to family and friends.
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    I went to Just Melt yesterday for a CoolSculpting session.  Since I'm thin and workout frequently, I want to try spot reducing my spare tire.  As I have jacked up the intensity of my workouts to build my core, the abs have pushed the fat around my belly button out.  
    Melinda was awesome! She was clear in explaining the process and thorough in her evaluation.  The four hour session wasn't too expensive by comparison (I had researched costs).  I have decided to wait 8 weeks to see how my body responds before I go back for a second session on my flanks.  The literature indicates that the results can vary based on lifestyle and body type.
    I would definitely recommend this spa to my friends.  And intend to go back in the future.
    I'll update this review in a few weeks once I have a better understanding of the results of the procedure.  That won't, however, impact my positive review of Melinda or the spa.
  • DailyDeal M. posted on  Yelp
    Came here after finding them from a quick google search. They offered the services I was looking for and It's convenient to my office. Win win. (I like to break up my work day with something "good" for me!)

    My first treatment was the Hydrafacial MD. Normally I shy away from facials because, quite frankly, I hate them. But I was having some bad breakouts and I've heard great things about this machine. WOWWWWW. My skin was GLOWING literally right after the treatment. It was amazing. The woman Arakysa (I believe that was her name) that did my treatment was knowledgable and walked me through every step.

    They offer Zerona here and I wanted to get it done again. I had it done 2 years ago and lost 6 inches in 6 sessions so I was excited to see my results. When I stopped by (remember-- close to my office) to make the appointment, Melinda told me about a new machine Coolsculpting. HOLY CROW. I had Coolsculpting done instead and the results are even more amazing. It's like the Zerona is a Kia and Coolsculpting is a Mercedes. No comparison. Coolsculpting is better for targeting specific areas unlike Zerona.

    Anyway, I'm starting to ramble as always. I love this place. Everyone I've come in contact with is super friendly and great. It's relaxing. I always feel like they know what they are doing. It's great. Plus, who wouldn't love a place that offers you a glass of wine when you walk in?!
  • Tatyana K. posted on  Yelp
    I've recently moved to NY and was very curious about HydraFacial . After researching on line, I decided to check the place out for a free consultation even though Yelp had  bad reviews.

    I found the consultation to be very informative and down to earth. The staff is very professional, no pushing for sign ups, and open about how they themselves used the different treatments. The office had patients going in and out, yet the decor, setup and atmosphere kept the feeling of calmness.

    Spending my working hours on the computer, I also enjoy having access to my appointments and ability to cancel on-line.  

    It's been 2 months since I've tarted using the services at the salon and I could not have been happier. My before and after pictures show clear results and at the end of a long day at work, I look forward to my 1 hr treatment, relaxing to sounds of crashing waves.
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    I really have nothing but good things to say about Just Melt medspa. Very happy with my skin rejuvenation treatments I received from their staff. The clinic is beautiful, clean and has a relaxed atmosphere. Will be recommending them to my family and friends. Thanks!
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