• Keyla D. posted on  Yelp
    Very good environment, I am willing to go back and try to lose more weight...................why not I ll be back there tomorrow
  • Jenn V. posted on  Yelp
    The stars talk for them self, very happy
  • Analisa M. posted on  Yelp
    As good as it gets, now if I can lose another 10 pounds it would be reall great
  • Terry L. posted on  Yelp
    I went here for my Zerona treatment, at first I wasn't so sure but it does work, I only have to go back one more time
  • Mary D. posted on  Yelp
    Went there this summer and I got five stars results ....thank you thank you thank you
  • Lorena B. posted on  Yelp
    I have been looking for a place where people will listen... and they did, than i listen and lost 11 pounds
  • Angela T. posted on  Yelp
    Does any one know how I can give them 10 stars ? My face looks great
  • Kate M. posted on  Yelp
    happy ! happy ! happy ! five stars is the list I can do
  • Kim G. posted on  Yelp
    I am glad to see finally great results 18 pounds are gone I can't be any happier
  • George S. posted on  Yelp
    This is for you
  • Ann L. posted on  Yelp
    Write a review is easy, yes I am a fan
  • Raymond M. posted on  Yelp
    Great facility.  Great staff.  Great experience.  i would highly recommend.
  • John B. posted on  Yelp
    My friend was part of the program and we all saw the difference, she did though follow up and was persistent with all the directions.  Just Melt deserves 5 stars from us who saw the difference.
  • Jessy G. posted on  Yelp
    The focus in advertising this program always seems to be the shots but really it should the diet plan. I am now eating the most healthy than I ever have. I feel great! I am educating my family too. Being through Medical school and working with all different Doctors who surprisingly have no idea how to eat properly. JustMelt is not only a great weight loss center but also health and wellness educator which you don't get even in Med School. Thank you very much for changing not only my own lifestyle but also I am sharing all the information Araksya has thought me with my patient and that's a Global Lifestyle Change.  
  • Susan E. posted on  Yelp
    First I want to say that my experience at Just Melt was great. Its very clean, modern and the staff is great.

    I've always had a weight problem. Just like lots of people, I tried looking for an easy way out and could never find one until I heard about Zerona. You still have to follow a certain diet and do a few other things while going through this process but believe me when I say, Its not hard.

    Day 1. I just got finished with my first session and off to work I go. My adrenaline is pumping. Natrually, I don't feel any difference.

    Day 2. I woke up this morning and I felt different. After my shower I noticed my bra wasn't as tight as yesterday. Yippy!!!! When I bent over to tie my sneakers at work, I didn't feel like I was going to pass out. Yippy twice

    Day 3. Today is my second round of Zerona. I talked the Tech's ear off that is doing the treatment for me. I'm so excited that I have to tell her my progress in such short time. Although still a little tight, I was able to pull up a pair of jeans that wouldn't go up without a struggle and wouldn't close at all.

    Day 4. Today I'm feeling a little depressed. I just feel like this isn't happening fast enough. I feel like crying.

    Day 5. I'm feeling good today. Just finished my 3rd round with Zerona. I didn't realize when I got dressed this morning that I wore the fat girl pants. I never used a belt with them so I didn't wear one today. I'm happy to report that I was pulling them up all day long. Here comes the weekend. I will be back for more on Monday.

    Day 6. I didn't drink as much water today and that's a no no. I went over to my friend's house because she need me to help her do something. I packed my own healthy snacks because the last thing I need is to starve because all she has is bad stuff to eat. She laughed at me as soon as she saw me. As I walked up the stairs I got anxious because she was cooking and all I can say is, I smell the enemy. It smelled delicious. My good friend was making grilled chicken and salad. She saved the day. By the way, she too is having Zerona done. She knew nothing about it until I told her and she saw me today.

    Day 7. Today is an ok day. Don't notice anything different.

    Day 8. Round 4 of Zerona today. I got a little daring today. I wore some slacks that only depressed me a few weeks ago. I was able to pull them up and close them without sucking in my stomach. I also noticed that some areas that aren't being targeted are looking a little better. I can't wait for my appointment today!

    Day 9. I'm starting to feel obsessed. I've cut back my food intake and what I am eating is fruit and veggies all day long. I plan on working out now that I really feel lighter and have a lot of energy.

    Day 10. I'm loving Zerona. Can't wait for my 3 p.m. appointment.

    Day 11. I'm starting to feel a little sad. My last round of Zerona is tomorrow.

    Day 12. Although I'm excited to be finished with Zerona after today, I feel sad. Its like I don't have anything to look forward to. Also, after today, I won't have the help of Zerona. Everything I do from today on is on me. Even though Zerona doesn't guarantee weight loss only losing inches, I know I've lost some weight because of my new eating habits.

    Two weeks later. Follow up visit.

    Today I got my picture taken and measured again. I am happy to report that I have lost about 5-6 inches all around my mid section which is the only body part I worked on. What a difference! I had no idea that my body looked the way it did a month ago. I had cellulite in body parts that I was unaware of and even though this laser doesn't promote getting rid of cellulite, it worked wonders on me. I still have some there but Zerona is amazing. I am not saying that Zerona made me look like a super model but I don't feel uncomfortable with the way I look as I did before I started my process. I knew I gained weight and I actually felt like I was starting to look deformed from the weight gain but I had no idea that I looked the way I did. I didn't think it was that bad.

    I am happy to report that I am now scheduled to do more Zerona on other body parts that need help. Yes, this is not cheap. Zerona is a little expensive but if you do exactly what you're told and/or not to do while doing Zerona, your money will be well spent, I promise. This is a great alternative to surger which I've considered in the past. I am so loving that I am on my way back to looking like I did before.

    The last thing I want to say is, that in my line of work I also do some cosmetic treatments. My advise that I give my patients is, different treatments work different for everybody. You will see a result but I didn't think mine would be this great. I love Zerona and recommend it to anyone.

    S.Y.E. Brooklyn, NY
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