• Betty B. posted on  Yelp
    Just had my first visit and the staff was so friendly, on time and very professional. From the lady who booked my  1st appt, the lady who gave me paperwork to fill out and the lady who took me back to give me my consultation- everyone was excellent. Well done and can't wait to start! You just made a new client- I will probably do everything:-)
  • Kim H. posted on  Yelp
    Take it from a legitimate HCG client who a year ago found Just Melt through researching the HCG program that this is a reputable diet and a great establishment to do it.  First off, the specials they run put the pricing at the lowest in the city - trust me, I shopped around:  a nurse doing it on her own was charging double what Just Melt charges.  I did not meet with a doctor through my program but I felt I was in great hands anyway with the staff who did deal with me.  You don't need a doctor except to check your stats, which they did before I arrived. And, they are thorough: they hadn't received my blood work and would not let me start until I was cleared.  The whole team is encouraging, extremely knowledgeable about the diet, and you get a lot for your money: the shots, the diet itself, and bi-weekly consults for the whole duration of the diet.  I lost 22 pounds a year ago, and kept it off.   Also, this diet taught me how to eat without sugar in my diet and a year later, it changed my life as I am now sugar-free completely. I ran my first half marathon in June and am all around much healthier. I just signed up for another round with Just Melt because I really love how the diet was easy, and extremely cleansing.  The team at Just Melt, including Araksya remembered me and were excited to work with me again. As am I.  I don't disagree with some of the comments online about the pricing being different or there being confusion in the lobby, but you should re-evaluate what you are going there for: if you want nice, knowledgeable people who can help you transform the way you approach food and exercise, then Just Melt team is there to help.
  • Gloria A. posted on  Yelp
    Very nice people, I lost 14 pounds and I am very happy with the results, should I lose more probably .....I will stay with them
    Thank you
  • Margarita O. posted on  Yelp
    I came to just melt get help with my weight.. I came there weighting 261 pounds, I lost 51 pounds in 6 weeks. I will recommend this to everyone that has a weight problem and needs the push to get to their goals... I am so happy with the treatment and I will do the HCG again to lose more weight
  • Claudia M. posted on  Yelp
    Wow! after few sessions of endermolift( once a week) only , I can't believe the amazing results that I've got  !! Neither can my husband.............I guess looks matter lol
  • Ann M. posted on  Yelp
    I'm on my late 30's and  my skin started to show the age:( Well,I  was debating between microdermabrasion and hydrafacial...since the last one is painless ,I have done the HYDRAFACIAL!Great choice...Overall, I enjoyed the HydraFacial and was happy with the results. My face was incredibly smooth, soft and well hydrated. There was no downtime, and I was able to go straight to a meeting right after the facial. It did improve my skin texture and I found the exfoliation to be gentle, yet effective. I felt my at-home products also penetrated better after the treatment. The hydration from the facial lasted for a few days - longer than after a traditional facial. However, I think it would take several intense treatments to have an effect on fine lines or hyperpigmentation. Happy with the result and JustMelt team is just fantastic!!!
  • Jose L. posted on  Yelp
    My sister and I feel it was money well spent.....my body gives me so  more confidence now, we were able to lose the weight we wanted .
  • Sara G. posted on  Yelp
    very very happy this is one of the best program I have ever done, the extra weight is gone, going out to a fancy restaurant.
    thank you
  • Andrea L. posted on  Yelp
    After been overweight for so long I allmost gave up, well don't , this is the place to go for HCG Diet
    Thank you
  • Sara L. posted on  Yelp
    JustMelt Zerona treatment gave me a lost of 5 inches. The treatments were quick and easy and the people were reaaly nice...............thank you!
  • Sara B. posted on  Yelp
    I started on the HCG program just few weeks ago today, and have lost 21 lbs, and throughout the process, they get FIVE STARS
  • Joan M. posted on  Yelp
    best program I have ever done and I plan to tell others, they deserve the Woohoo!
  • Stacey B. posted on  Yelp
    After been overweight for so long and have tried absolutely everything to lose weight I was very skeptical at first, now I need to say
    Thank you
  • Roxanne C. posted on  Yelp
    I have tried so many deifferent weight loss programs. There are many good ones and I did lose weight on them whether it was Jenny Craig, weight watchers, nutrisystem, and even used a orofessional nutritionist on the Upper eastside. the problem was after I put my mind to it, I would eventually lose the weight and is would slowly creep back with slightly increasing my calories! NOT even resuming to my old habits and ways !!!! The only diet I have not tried was one I kept hearing over and over again called the Hcg diet. But I knew if I was going to do it, I wanted to do the real pharmaceutical drug HCG and do it the right way! I went to Justmelt in New York with great apprehension to only have fallen in love with the place, the people and absolutely everything about it !!!! I have done Hcg and lost weight  in combination with a Zerona laser and domd other new laser for some fat pocketsand body shaping. Now I am doing skin tightening. I have not put the weight back onnow and it is been three months. I just wish I could move into the office ! Lol Thank you Just Melt ....thank you Araksia and thank you docs for everything. I am spreadind the word!!!!!
  • Rosa M. posted on  Yelp
    The people at this place are very professional, they made me happy and lose the weight I wanted too, well I could lose more LOL
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